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Grounding / Protection Seminar 2021

August 1, 2021
12:00 to 18:00

35,000 yen (tax included)

Indispensable technology for everyone living on this earth to enrich and develop psychic power. Those who do not feel alive, those who can not make money at the last minute even though they come to a good place, those who are struggling to grow their psychic power, those who get tired when they are with people (even specific people), please take this course Please try.

Secret School de Serena


Do you want to live a life where you can't help but look forward to tomorrow when you go to bed every night that makes you excited every day when you wake up in the morning?

If you want to make your breasts squeak every second every day, please join us!

Healing salon
Secret Salon de Serena
ヒーリングサロン:Secret Salon de Serena

We provide healing with an emphasis on "shortest evolution and growth". It is not suitable for those who just want to be healed or want to hear the story, but it is perfect for those who really want to make their life shine. A highly technical healing therapist will support your evolution in the shortest possible time.
Since there are many business owners and VIP customers, we are adjusting energy not only for general spiritual sessions but also for enjoying economic “richness”.

Healing school (magic school)
Secret School de Serena

It is a magic school (healing school) for those who have been treated at Secret Salon de Serena and realized that "the shortest distance is to make an effort with your own will for the fastest evolution". We will teach a lot of magic and wisdom that the general public can incorporate into their daily lives. Magic is based on quantum mechanics and maximizes the power of nature. In addition to training professional wizards, we support the general public to use magic on a daily basis to delay high-quality daily life.
A rich and brilliant life, estranged from anxiety, will be waiting for you.

Magical Healing Goods Shop
Secret Shop de Serena
ヒーリンググッズショップ:Secret shop de Serena

We sell products with energy for different purposes. In order to strongly activate magical energy, it needs to be a completely natural raw material, and it is necessary to thoroughly manage the energy of the product. As much as possible, we focus on materials such as unrefined, extraction method, and organic or not, and manufacture products so that we can draw out the power of the natural world. In addition, we consistently manage energy from raw material making to product management processes to maintain clean energy. We handle a wide range of products that enrich your life, such as aroma candles, bath salts, healing music, and vegetables.

Greetings from the organizer Serena Maegaichi

Thank you to everyone who was interested in Secret Salon de Serena and Secret School de Serena.
Secret Salon de Serena, Secret School de Serena, and Secret shop de Serena operated by Healing Art Japan allow us living in this turbulent era to live comfortably with a smile every day while feeling hope and light in the future. In this way, we will support humankind to become one on this beautiful earth while drawing out the talents of everyone.
We recommend a new era of free style that takes advantage of individuality.
I'm often told by people that I'm lucky, that I'm very talented, that she's special ... (because she's special, and ordinary people can't do that), and so on. There are many things to do, but there are some tips on how to handle luck and talent.
The truth is that everyone is lucky and talented. Everyone just doesn't know how to do it. You may have known it when you were just born, but you forgot how to do it because you were full of blocks in social education.
I want you to share the tips with everyone, "I can't help but have fun every day", "I can't wait for tomorrow" when I go to bed, and "I'm looking forward to the day!" When I wake up in the morning. I thought that if as many people as possible could do so, the society would become brighter and brighter, so I set up a healing salon, a healing school (magic school), and a magical healing goods shop.

I wrote about the process leading up to the establishment of the salon and school.
I hope we can somehow share the direction we are aiming for.

May the world come to true affluence and peace!

アンカー 1
Image by Mo

A healer with 50% crystal and 50% indigo balance.
Since we give the highest priority to changes in the “shortest distance” and perform healing seriously, we sometimes take a merciless style, but even if it is temporarily difficult, we will change it all at once.
Recommended for people like this.

・ Business owners and VIP customers

・ People who are prepared for change ・ People who are seriously seeking growth

Serena Maegaichi

木下 三道

Kinoshita Sanmichi

A chiropractor who removes heavy energy at once

A popular chiropractor. At first glance, it looks like Gachinko, but it is very straightforward and full of hospitality.

We also practice under Onmyoji and accumulate various know-how.
・ Those who have troubles at a level close to the physical body

・ Those who want to remove spirits

・ Those who are particular about face-to-face sessions

・ Those who feel that their energy is heavy

Special course
by Secret School de Serena & Secret Salon de Serena
ヒーリングスクール:Healing School

ヒーリングサロンSecret Salon de SerenaのヒーリングとヒーリングスクールSecret School de Serenaの必要授業をピックアップして構成されたビジネスパーソン向けまたは社会に対し影響力が大きい人向けの特別コースです。

ヒーリングスクール:Healing School
原因不明・病院では治せない 不調〜自分の心と会話をしようコース


ヒーリングスクール:Healing School
インナーチャイルド ​癒しコース


ヒーリングスクール:Healing School



ヒーリングサロン:Healing Salon
Secret Salon de Serena Menu
Secret Salon de Serena
Purify / adjust Inject

Access up to 12 dimensions to transform energy. Regular adjustments will make a big difference in the reality in front of you. There are many menus, so please take a look.

ヒーリングサロン:Secret Salon de Serena
See through (+ adjustment)

Use your channeling skills to see through and give you tips to help you in your life. It is a feature of this salon that healing is done by taking karma and psychic code as needed, not just perspective counseling. We may also utilize the latest AI device, TimeWaver.

ヒーリングスクール:Healing School de Serena
Secret School de Serena Menu

You can select the course you want to study and study.

ヒーリングスクール:Healing School de Seren

Basic course (required)

Image by Pawel Czerwinski

Basic course (selection)

Image by Linus Nylund

A. Energy Healing Course


B. Channeling & Reading Course


C. Angel Course


D. Powestone, Essence, Essential Oil & Herb Course


E. Shaman & Fairy Course


F. Goddess and Abundance Course

Image by Amy Shamblen

G. Astrology Course


H. Profiling Analysis Course


I.SoundeHealing Course


J.Training for Witch Course 


K. Osteopathy Course


L. Others




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Serena Maegaichi


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